Terneuzen, 2023


Disclaimer Anti Trust Regulations


The Association of Zeelandic Shipbrokers and Agents is required by law to avoid breaches of anti-trust regulations under Dutch and European legislation. Before the beginning of meetings, attention of everyone present is drawn to the fact that it is prohibited before, during and after the meeting to make any form of agreement(s), resolutions or other mutually agreed forms of behaviour aimed at or resulting in obstruction, restriction or falsification of competition. This applies in particular to price, territory and quantity agreements, and to coordinated behaviour vis-à-vis clients and customers. Any behaviour which is contrary to anti-trust law may seriously damage both your company and the Association and may give rise to claims for damages.


In the event that doubts related to anti-trust legislation arise with respect to any items of discussion, please indicate this at an early stage, so that the meeting can be adjourned or the treatment of the item in question can be postponed until the matter has been clarified. The Zeelandic Association of Shipbrokers and Agents therefore appeals to the responsibility of every individual participant to comply with the principles set out in anti-trust legislation.


Accordingly, all meetings shall be conducted in accordance with these guidelines. All publications produced by the Association of Zeelandic Shipbrokers and Agents shall conform to these guidelines. All advices/information given to members by the Association of Zeelandic Shipbrokers and Agents staff shall be in conformity with these guidelines.




Neither the Association of Zeelandic Shipbrokers and Agents nor its members shall engage in any discussions on or agree upon:


Fixing of terms, prices and rates

Matters relating to particular customers or suppliers

Boycott or blacklist particular customers or suppliers

Dividing markets or customers Otherwise seeking to distort competition


The participants attending the Associations meeting(s) have taken note of this code of practise of the Association.